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The Amazingly Beautiful Paris

Paris has long been known as the city for lovers, which is why people are always seen walking hand in hand as they stroll along the streets on their way to one attraction or another. The romance in Paris never seems to end for these lovebirds, but that doesn’t mean that singles cannot enjoy this spectacular city as well.

When in Paris, you will love visiting the Musée du Louvre as it is filled with phenomenal masterpieces that have been created by fabulous artists from around the world. This museum was once a fortress and home to a French King, but in 1793 it became the museum that people love today complete with thirty-five thousand works of art. You are encouraged to plan your visit to the Louvre ahead of time, as this massive museum is too large to see in just one visit.

One of the best attractions in the city is the Notre Dame Cathedral, as it offers insight to Gothic architecture during the Middle Ages. You will want to climb the three hundred and eighty steps to the very top of the South Tower to greet the gargoyles and chimeras that stand watch over the city and the River Seine.

You cannot venture through Paris without taking a stroll along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and this is where you will see the towering Arc de Triomphe. The Arc was built to honor the troops under Napoleon and while many people will admire it from the ground, you should climb to the top for the full experience. Before leaving the Arc, you will want to pay your respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, who was buried at the base of the arch in 1921. This tomb remembers all the soldiers who were killed during the war and were never identified. The flame on the tomb has been re-lit every evening since 1923.

You are quite lucky that you still get to see the Eiffel Tower when visiting Paris, because when it was constructed for the 1889 exposition, it was only supposed to stay there for twenty years. After that time, the city was supposed to dismantle it forever. However, the tower had proven to be valuable and millions of people have been able to enjoy it to this very day, as they ride to the top for magnificent views of the city.

Paris is a popular destination and you will find yourself mesmerized as you explore the city going from
one destination to another. You are going to want to stay at some places forever, while also wanting to
continue on in your journey to see what else awaits.